What’s love got to do with it? – Tina Turner

What a great question. What does love have to do with anything? Well, I think love is involved in the majority of the things we do. There are many definitions of love, but we are going to discuss two important ones I feel pertain to the working woman: Philia and Agape. 


Philia is all about friendship and how we harness  friendships. According to an article I read in Psychology Today, Aristotle believed that people should give kindness to one another for one of three reasons: (1) to be of use to the other person, (2) to show concern for the other person, or (3) to be of good service to one another.  

Friendship . . .is a virtue and is besides most necessary with a view to living. Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods.– Aristotle

As a working woman, it is important to have friendships and to nurture those friendships. The love you feel for a friend will of course be different from the love you feel for a partner. When you feel Philia, you may feel a sense of comfort and trust around a friend. 

Do you have that friend that you can tell anything to? What about the one you can hang out with after your long 9-5 job and who you can be yourself with? 

I believe Philia is very important to have in your life.  


Agape is the love that is discussed in many religious organizations.  Agape love is considered universal, meaning it is love for all living beings, and yes, that includes bugs (you know I HATE BUGS). When I think of Agape love I think of loving and accepting people for who they are and not for what I want them to be. Many relate Agape love to a higher being which can be, but is not limited to God, Buddha, and Allah, or whatever higher being you believe in. Agape means you love and care for others the way the higher being you serve would love others. 

As a working woman, Agape love is important because having Agape for others helps you to remove limitations and judgments on the people you work with, family, and friends. Agape love helps you to be genuinely happy for someone who got a raise and not feel jealous. Agape allows you to celebrate others accomplishment and not feel any angst in your heart. 

There are many other definitions of love; however, I wanted to cover these because I believe the working woman can relate to these in her day-to-day activities. 

How can you implement these loves in your life more this year, month, week, or even today? 

Let me know your thoughts.

Keep winning and creating harmony in your life.

Marla J. Albertie

Your Life-Harmonizing Strategist

Reference: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/hide-and-seek/201606/these-are-the-7-types-love