As I was planning for my NYE solo cruise, I came across Oprah’s Wellness tour was kicking off in Ft. Lauderdale on January 4th . The ship I was on pulled into Miami January 3rd. I said, “whoo hoo, heck yeah, I am staying.” I was able to book a hotel with points and off to see Oprah I went. As promised I want to share with you some of her quotes and my interpretation of them. This is Part 1. I will post these throughout the year. 


1. ‘’Everyone has inside of them the seed of their becoming.”

            This is deep. This means you have everything inside you to be who you want to be and do what you want to do. An affirmation I repeat daily is; “I am fully equipped to do what I have been called to do.”

2. “As long as you have breath there is more for you.”

            Every day is a day to day to achieve your dreams. If you are living you have time

3. “What is your “more?”

            What do you want? Make a list and start. Download my “I Deserve List” and get busy.

4. “Your definition of wellness is for you.”

            You CANNOT do what everyone else is doing as it pertains to wellness. Try different methods and stick to what is best for you

5. “Your spirit is the essence of who you are and not your religion. Everything starts from your spirit.”

            I could write a book on this one, but I won’t. We are spiritual beings, hence we have intuition and senses. Human beings are unique and rare in form; each of us is different, and that is a beautiful thing. We all deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Who or what you worship has nothing to do with that.

6. “While you are waiting on God or whoever, they are waiting on you.”

            Have you heard people say that they are “waiting on God?” Action must take place, regardless of who you are waiting on. Someone is waiting on you while you are waiting on your higher being.

7. “When you get clarity everything becomes clear.”

            Get clear on exactly what you want so the subconscious mind can store it.

8. “Wellness is all things in balance (harmony).”

            YES! Wellness in ALL areas of your life is the target you should shoot for.

9. “Welcome the constant shift in life.”

            Change is inevitable; embrace it and get ready for the best or worst ride of your life. How you respond to the change is what matters.

Which one resonated with you?

Let me know your thoughts.