No sane person has ever claimed they had a mind that was oh so peaceful. We’d all like to feel less cluttered and more peaceful and relaxed.

Decluttering your mind is largely the result of decluttering all aspects of your life; they go hand in hand.

We tend to put too many burdens on our minds, but there’s a more effective way to live. With a few simple tricks, you can reduce the load on your mind and give it the peace it craves. Now more than ever is this needed.

Add serenity and harmony to your life with these techniques:

1.    Remove the challenging people from your life. Some people take up a lot of space and energy in your brain. Some of those people are optional in your life, and you might not even like them! Why are you keeping them around? Some people you must keep, so I get it. When you are around those people, prepare yourself by meditating. It has worked wonders for me. In a nutshell, be willing to let go of the people that take more time and effort than they’re worth to you.

2.    Remove unnecessary activities from your life. This could be committees you serve on, sports teams you play on, or going out on Thursday nights. Maybe you’re taking violin lessons, but realize that you’re not enjoying it that much. Cut these activities out of your life and gain the gift of time back into your life. During this time, I have cleared my calendar and it feels great. 

3.    Declutter your environment. Your mind and inner peace are affected by your environment. This includes your home, workspace, and anywhere else you spend a significant amount of time. Have you ever noticed how nice it feels when your home is clean? You can feel that way all the time by merely decluttering one thing a day, such as a drawer, file cabinet, or area in a room.

4.    Meditate. Meditation might be the ultimate way to declutter your mind and enjoy inner peace. I am IN LOVE with meditation. It is very simple, but can be challenging to do well, because we are required to sit still and focus on one thing, imagine that! However, it’s possible to receive many benefits from meditation, even if you’re a beginner.

There are many resources online that can teach you the basics of meditation. Twenty minutes of meditation each day can change your life and bring inner peace. You can even start with five minutes.

5.    Write things down. Trying to remember things puts a significant load on your mind. If you write it down, you are more likely to do and remember it. You can never truly relax when you must remember to do something. Write things down. Knowing that something else will keep track of your obligations for you will allow your mind to relax.

6.    Mono-task. Forget about multitasking; your brain can’t do it anyway. It’s ineffective and creates stress. Limit yourself to one task at a time. You’ll feel better and get much more accomplished. I am learning this as I am on my meditation journey. Try it for a day. Do one task at a time and focus all your attention on that task. Notice how much better you feel while working and at the end of the day.

7.    Make fewer decisions. The fewer decisions you must make each day, the more inner peace you’ll feel. For example, I iron my clothes on Sunday, so I don’t have to make the decision each day of what I am going to wear. Other ideas are eating the same healthy breakfast each morning or meal planning for the week.

8.    Get enough sleep. Notice how cluttered your mind feels after a miserable night of sleep. I know I feel awful and tired if I don’t get enough sleep. Experiment with different bedtimes to determine the proper amount of sleep your mind and body need each night.

9.    Limit your exposure to the news and social media. This is pertinent especially now during these times of the COVID-19. The news and social media will drive you crazy if you spend too much time consuming them. It’s essential to stay aware of what’s happening in the world, but you don’t have to bombard yourself with negative information day and night. It drives fear and anxiety. 

Treat your mind like you would an injured body part. You would reduce the amount of work it must do and treat it gently. Give your mind a break and gain the peace you crave! Chill for heaven’s sake.