79.5, this is one number I will not forget. This was the score of my Series 7 exam. At one point in my life I thought I wanted to be a financial advisor. I was very interested in how finances worked. I even earned my associates degree is in Financial Services. I was a part of the first wave of newly hired employees at Fidelity National, a very well-known investment firm. I was so excited to finally do my dream of helping people with their finances, until I took that test! The passing score at the time was 80%, and as you can see I scored .5% lower. I was devastated. I went to my car and just cried my eyes out because I studied so hard. Well, by the time I took the test the second time, I did even worse. My confidence plummeted. Let’s just say I decided to not go into the financial field. 

Self-esteem can be fragile. As you just read I was crushed by my scores. My confidence went out the window. It’s possible to lose it or have a hard time holding on to sometimes.

How can you deal with a sudden loss of confidence? Is it possible to recover and regain the confidence that is gone? 

Yes, it is. Your confidence levels can fluctuate, but there are ways to cope. You can ALWAYS bounce back!

Try these strategies to bounce back:

  1. Step back and evaluate. Experts recommend stepping back and evaluating the situation in a calm manner. Take a moment to come outside of the situation. I had to realize, failing the Series 7 exam is not the end of the world. I have other plans. It’s important to examine the situation without letting emotions take over. You may benefit from talking to a therapist or good friend about the event and your loss of confidence. Get an unbiased opinion, so you can start to see the patterns of confidence loss.

  2. Finish something else. Finishing a task that has been left undone for a long time can boost confidence. Find something on your to-do list that is easy to complete. I do this often and it really works. 
  • Review past accomplishments. After a traumatic experience or embarrassing moment, it’s easy to think that you’re a failure. However, remembering past accomplishments can serve as a reminder that you’ve done many things. When I was sick in 2018, I reflected over my life and I said to myself, “Damn Marla, you have done a lot.” Be proud of yourself. 
    • Go through your old photo albums or journals to remember happy moments. 
    • Try to remember that you have made a positive impact on the world. YES! 

It’s normal for your confidence levels to vary over time. Avoid letting a temporary situation turn into a permanent loss of confidence! Actively pursue strategies that can bring back the self-esteem you’ve been missing. Trust me you are WORTH it. 

Let me know your thoughts…