Self-confidence can often be in short supply, but there are many ways you can get it back. 

You may think you have to have your self-confidence levels at 100% at all times; however, that is not the case. It is okay to have your low days. When your self-confidence is lacking, there are ways you can take control of the situation and make yourself feel confident again. 

You can accomplish a lot more with self-confidence than you can without. Believing in yourself must be your first order of action. 

Here are some action steps to get you back on track. These have helped me on my self-confidence journey.

  1. Make a short to-do list and accomplish it. I do this daily. I have sticky notes all over the place and on my phone with short “to-do” lists. Try doing a few of the easier tasks first. Show yourself that you can be productive and successful. Each time you make a plan and execute it, you have more confidence in yourself. It works every time. There is something about scratching off items on a list.  
  2. Keep your biggest goals to yourself. This one is a hard one for some. Revealing your big goals to others can be enough to make you consider quitting. Why? Because everyone will not have the same vision as you. You may find yourself on the receiving end of a lot of negative comments that will make you question yourself and your goals. Ask me how I know…
  3. Improve your posture. I constantly have to remind myself to sit up, it can be habitual. How you use your body affects how you feel. If you sit and stand tall, you’ll feel more confident. Walk with your face looking forward not with your head down. Sit up straight in the chair. Notice how much more confident you feel.
  4. List all your positive qualities. This may be hard for some. This is an activity I have had some of my clients do. There are plenty of things you can admire about yourself. Even if you have to call someone for inspiration, make a list of all your positive qualities. It won’t take long before you feel a little confidence swelling up inside of you. Carry the list with you and refer to it daily.
  5. List all your past accomplishments. Take a stroll down memory lane and relive your past accomplishments. Look at your resume, this is a good place to start. It’s easy to feel confident when you recall those times you were at your best.
  6. Remove those things from your life you’ve just been tolerating. I can’t stress this one enough. STOP tolerating things and people. We, especially women, tolerate too much. Get the mess out of your life. Tell yourself that you deserve better and then make it happen.
  7. Do something you’re good at. What are you good at? Yes, you. You ARE good at something. Whatever it is, you feel better after doing it. Try to spend time each day doing something that you know you’re great at. Your self-confidence will increase.
  8. Exercise. This one is a struggle for me, but I am putting myself to the challenge to walk more this year. I even joined a walking challenge. Exercise provides more than just health benefits. It boosts your willpower, stamina, and self-belief. Exercise also reduces anxiety. 

It’s probably not possible to feel confident 100% of the time, but you can come a lot closer than you think. Even in challenging circumstances, you are the same. Self-confidence is always right there; you just have to make yourself aware of it. These simple actions are an easy way to find the self-confidence you’ve temporarily misplaced.

Do you have any self-confidence tips? Share them…

Marla J. Albertie

Your Life-Harmonizing Strategist