Do you want to be more creative? It is not about having a special artistic ability. 

To have more creativity, keep reading…

Train your mind to be more originative.

Begin by paying attention to your mind. Our subconscious mind tends to give us more of what we pay attention to. What we focus on, we pay attention to. Ignore the originative aspects of your life, and you’re telling your subconscious that they’re unimportant. Consciously note when you’re originative, your subconscious brain will begin feeding you more originative ideas. Look for creativity and you’ll discover more creativity. 

You may further your creativity by writing your ideas down. Begin keeping an “idea journal.” I have many of these types of journals. Do this regularly, and you’ll notice that you will have more ideas as you begin to write. An idea might be forgotten, but by writing it down, you are more likely to remember it. Your subconscious mind can then store the idea and it might transform into something originative.

To have more creative thinking in your life, begin putting originative ideas into practice. If you paint, paint something different from your common subjects. If you sell homes, try a fresh approach to selling. Even just driving a different route to work to see if it’s quicker may further your creativity. If you read non-fiction (like me), try reading more fiction. In other words, get out of your normal routine. Stimulate your brain by working outside of its usual patterns. 

Altering your environment can further creativity. To get fresh ideas take a notebook to the park or sit by a pond. Any alteration of environment may get your brain’s juices flowing.

Begin challenging assumptions, until it becomes habit. Challenging assumptions is a great way to have more creative thinking in your problem solving.

Now let the juices stir. 

Let me know what creative and originative thoughts you come up with.