We are all a mystery; that is what makes us unique. We are beautiful and intriguing creatures. When I hear others mention they want to be more like someone else, I cringe because they will NEVER be like anyone else. You are who you are, so accept it. Embrace who you are; let go of the status quo. 

No one should know everything about you; however, sometimes when you share a story or two with someone, you may encourage them. So… here are 3 things you may not know about me.

1. I have always been fascinated with buildings. I pay attention to how they are shaped and designed. I started out as a drafting and architecture major in college. Let’s just say I quickly learned I will just admire these structures instead of designing them. 

2. I was an assistant manager at a shoe store. During my time in the military, I gained management skills, and I wanted to use them in the “real” world when I exited. I thought a shoe store was the best fit. Well, I was wrong. It wasn’t a horrible job, but I grew tired of stocking shoes and complaining customers who would return shoes that were less than $20.00! Let’s say that it was not fulfilling even for a 22-year-old. The best part was-you guessed it-the shoes. 

3. I love collecting things. Here are a few examples. I have a shot glass collection. (I had to stop collecting them, I have too many.) I now collect magnets from different places I visit. My largest collection is my books, of course (this includes journals, too). I also have A LOT of planner stuff. (Yes that means stickers. My planner friends understand this.) Sometimes I go through a phase where I will purge these items and give them away. One day I will have a “Marla’s Favorite Things Give-Away.” (This is a dream of mine that WILL happen). Stay tuned…

What are three things about you the world may not know? I always ask this question at the end of my talk show interviews. I am curious about people; I value the differences we have, and you should, too. Embrace your uniqueness, once you do, you are one step closer to creating harmony in your life.