After I applied for my dream job, I was online more than I could imagine. I knew I had a lot of research I had to get done, and I didn’t want to miss a step. So, I cleaned up my LinkedIn profile and started doing deep research using Google as my guide.

Here are a few things I did and highly recommend:  

Post a new picture. Photographs are often the first thing visitors notice about your profile. Start out with a high-quality image. Use Photoshop to adjust the lighting and remove any blemishes. Do not post a selfie if possible; there is nothing professional about a selfie on a professional profile.

Focus on your Social Media presence. Think about where you want hiring managers to see you. Your main presence online might be your website, landing page, or blog. If you rarely post any updates, your LinkedIn profile could be the most effective choice. Whatever your showcase, keep it current and engaging. Stay consistent. 

Research compensation. Find out how much your skills are worth. That way you’ll have the facts you need for salary discussions. Always negotiate, even if it is a small amount; it is still more than you would have started out with. 

Discover a new app. Simplify your professional life with apps that will save you time and make you more productive. Take your to-do list to a whole new level or check out the latest organizing tool. I love my Notes app, Google calendar, and LinkedIn.

Join a LinkedIn group. Extend your network by participating in a group related to your field. Post a question or share your expertise. Let them know who you are and that you are coming. Watch out world! 

Follow someone on Twitter. Reach out to a thought leader or follow up with a colleague you sat next to at a conference last week. Re-tweet some of their posts. This works. Nothing happens outside of a conversation, and many of those conversations happen on Social Media.

Like a company on Facebook. Maybe you dream about working for Google or The NBA. Like their page today so you’ll receive updates about their activities and have more to talk about if you land an interview. I always recommend having updates to share about the company in each interview. It sends the message you have been researching the company and you are interested in what they are involved in. 

Bonus: Clean up your inbox. Weed out the clutter so you can stay on top of your new activities. Unsubscribe from newsletters you rarely read and combine your favorite subscriptions. I am talking to myself on this one.

Make a plan to do one of these activities this week.

Let me know your thoughts…