The word selfish has such a bad reputation. I get it. After all, the word has “self” in it. How dare we think about ourselves from time to time? Well, I happen to like the word selfish. I don’t mind telling others, yes, I am selfish, and so are you. You may not want to admit it. It is all in how you portray your selfishness. I am not saying I do not share and give to others. I am saying learn to be more strategic about what gets your time.

Let me explain…

When was the last time you purchased a nice dress for yourself? Go ahead and think about it. 

I am not advocating to spend all your savings on a dress you can’t afford when your rent or mortgage is due. I am stating that is okay to splurge a little and love on yourself. 

Here are 5 ways to be more selfish:

  1. Say no.

This is simpler than you think. Don’t over-think it. I believe this one is hard because we put other people’s feelings ahead of our own. Just think about it this way: each time you say “Yes” to someone else you are saying “No” to yourself. 

2. Stick to your plan.

If you already have plans do not adjust those plans for anyone else. This will help you to focus on what is important to you. How often do you unnecessarily alter your schedule for others?

3. Splurge.

For heaven’s sake buy the dress, purse, car, house, or whatever else you desire. You, and only you (not the rest of the world), know what is in your bank account and what you can or cannot afford. Go for it. 

4. Go out of town and don’t bring anything back for others.

I have to admit I am bad with this one. Every time I travel I must bring something back for my Dad or grown, spoiled son. I will try this one. I bet it will save me some money. 

5. Do what you want.

This one is another hard one because in life we do things EVERY DAY that we don’t “want” to do. I get it. I have this discussion with one of my cousins all the time. I will say this, going back to #1, it is okay to not do something you don’t want to do. I have a saying, “I only want to attend things where I will enjoy myself and be celebrated and/or celebrate others.” Think about it.

There are many other ways to be more selfish. I may write another blog post on this topic because it is a hot one among my coaching clients. In the meanwhile, go out and celebrate you. I didn’t say ignore the world forever, but it is okay to ignore the world for a period of time while you treat yourself by being selfish.

Do you have ways you are selfish? Share them below, I would love to read your thoughts. 

Keep winning and creating harmony in your life.

Marla J. AlbertieYour

Life-Harmonizing Strategist