I recently celebrated my favorite holiday. Yep, you guessed it, my birthday. My best friend of 30 years and I went on a cruise. (Yes, we share the same birthday, and, yes, this was my third cruise this year. Don’t judge me.) As I reflected over my life I came up with a list of 42 things I have learned. I encourage you to do the same on your birthday. 

Here is my list:

1. Life is short. This is not just a cliché saying. Enjoy it and stay away from drama.

2. The more your name gets out there in the world, the more people will like you and know you… and the more people will dislike you and hate you.

3. My opinion matters.

4. I know the definition of a true friend.

5. Happiness is a choice. No one can make you happy.

6. From my dating experiences, age is just a number.

7. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely.

8. I don’t argue with people’s opinions. We are all entitled to opinions and arguing about opinions is a waste of time. 

9. Some people will be bitter the rest of their lives; this has nothing to do with me.

10. People are very interesting. 

11. God/Higher Power loves everyone, and I mean everyone. 

12. I love myself, truly.

13. You can’t do anything great alone-you need a team.

14. Millionaire status is a mindset.

15. You can’t please everyone, and you shouldn’t you try.

16. Keep some things to yourself. Everyone doesn’t have to know everything.

17. Divorce really sucks.

18. Be comfortable with your own company.

19. Don’t go broke trying to follow others; they are following someone they envy anyway. 

20. Therapy is a beautiful thing. 

21. Remove all toxicity from your life.

22. Laughing is relaxing. 

23. Friends come in all shapes, sizes, cultures, and backgrounds. 

24. Commitment comes before marriage.

25. You control your money, not anyone else.

26. I can do anything I want (legally).

27. Pushing through the hard stuff is worth it.

28. Hate is a strong word. I would rather say that I don’t like the person’s ways.

29. Nobody is perfect so don’t hope for someone to be something they are not.

30. Pitying someone and being sorry for someone are two different things.

31. Nothing lasts forever.

32. Compliment someone each day. 

33. Have a plan for life, and don’t be afraid if the plan changes; it is still your plan.

34. No one is beneath or above you. Don’t get caught up in titles. 

35. What you feel on the inside reflects on the outside.

36. Being bougie is okay. 

37. Cursing feels good. 

38. Writing and coloring are soothing. 

39. Being wealthy and being rich are not the same.

40. People are not thinking about you as much as you may think they are. 

41. Smile often. 

42. Ask yourself “why” about everything.

What are some of your life lessons? 

Please share…

Keep winning and creating harmony in your life.

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