Important Characteristics Every Entrepreneur Must Have

Are you planning to start and run your own business? Do you know the right qualifications and characteristics an entrepreneur must have to succeed? Does your profile match that of a successful entrepreneur?

Here are three more characteristics of entrepreneurs:

1. Entrepreneurs are confident. In order to succeed in the highly competitive business world, confidence and trust in oneself is an indispensable trait. Self-confidence means trusting your own powers and capabilities. An entrepreneur must have the guts to face adversity and tackle problems that may be encountered, believe me problems will arise.

2.  Entrepreneurs are competitive. An entrepreneur must be aggressive enough to pursue his or her goal despite having many rivals and competitors. In fact, competition is a good thing. An entrepreneur must know how to stay ahead of his or her competitors, either by introducing new ideas and exploring new ventures, all in the spirit of expanding his or her business.

3. Entrepreneurs are honorable and have a good work ethic. The mark of a successful entrepreneur lies in a good work ethic that ultimately leads to good business practices, an excellent reputation, and good association with industry peers and business partners. 

4.  Entrepreneurs know the importance of leisure time (me time). A good entrepreneur knows when its time to take a step back from all the rigors of business and enjoy some downtime with their family and friends. Besides, we all need a little relaxation to refresh the body and mind before diving back into business. Everything cannot be business.

These are four more of the most important characteristics of an entrepreneur. Of course, the characteristics every entrepreneur must have are not limited to the ones mentioned. Having these characteristics is not a guarantee that an entrepreneur will be successful. But with these characteristics, an entrepreneur has just the right ingredients for success. 

All one needs to do is to find the right mix of these values, excellent timing, perhaps a bit of luck and, of course, faith in oneself.

So, do you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? Go over these characteristics and values mentioned and reflect if you have these.

Or wait for next week’s post for a few more 🙂

Let me know your characteristics…

Keep winning and creating harmony in your life.

Marla J. Albertie

Your Life Harmonizing Strategist