Have you ever thought about how awesome you are?

Normally people ask how you would describe yourself in one word. Well, I’m going to challenge you to describe yourself in ten words.

I am pretty sure that you could describe yourself in more than ten words, but this is going to be a fun, challenging post for you. Recently, I was doing a writing exercise, and this question came up. Believe it or not, I had to think of ten words to describe myself that I truly believe. Yes, we can ask other people what they think about us because other people see things that we may not see. However, you know yourself better than anyone else. It is okay to give yourself a few compliments every now and then to remind how great and awesome you are.

Here is my list of 10 words that I came up with to describe myself:

1. Curious

I like to know things. I love to research topics to understand them. No wonder one of my character strengths is “Love of Learning.”

2. Funny

I love to laugh and make people laugh. I am not by any means a stand-up comedian, and I have no desire to become one. It brings me joy to make people laugh. People who get to know me often say, “Marla I didn’t know you were this funny.” I just smile. 

3. Risk-taker

I have the mindset of “if I don’t try I will never know.” I would rather fail than wonder what if; so I will take a chance.

4. Persistent

I have goals. I will not stop until they are accomplished. If I don’t believe in myself who else will?

5. Assertive

I speak my mind in the kindest way I can (really, I do). I don’t like to beat around the bush. However, I do understand that this cannot be the approach I take with everyone. Trust me, this is a lesson I’m still learning.

6. Friendly

I speak to people all the time, and I make sure I give someone a compliment each day. People deserve to hear how awesome they are.

7. Kind

I am one of the nicest people I know (lol). Seriously, I think I am kind. Being kind is simply being a nice person. I don’t think that is hard.

8. Learner

I learn something every day because I read every day. I prefer to learn things that are interesting to me; however, sometimes I challenge myself to read about other topics.

9. Teacher

I love to teach what I have learned. I believe knowledge should be shared; this is how we make the world better. Not everything has to be a secret. Let’s share what we know.

10. Talkative 

Okay, okay, you guessed it, I was the talker in class. Not sure how you guessed this one, but it is true. I like to talk. I guess that is why I get paid to do it. I do know when to be quiet.

I think my friends and family would agree with these things. Download the free attachment to this post and write out the ten words that describe you. Carry these words around to remind you how awesome you are. You have great qualities about yourself that you probably don’t think about on a day-to-day basis. Feel free to share them with us. I would love to know what ten words you came up with.

Share your ten words

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Keep winning and creating harmony in your life.

Marla J. Albertie

Your Life-Harmonizing Strategist