Let’s be frank here (have you ever wondered who Frank is?) there are many reasons why people leave their jobs. Regardless of how they leave, people either leave voluntary and involuntarily. 

Here are 10 voluntary reasons you might choose:

1. You are starting a family, and you can’t deal with the thought of leaving your beautiful child at home. You decide to ditch the job and stay home. 

2. Another job offers you a better package with pay and benefits. Nowadays many people are not loyal to companies, and it is not frowned upon to have multiple jobs on your resume. Having multiple jobs helps you to create your career.

3. You find a job that will allow you to have a life. Let’s face-it you have to combine your career and your life together (harmoniously). If you are working 80 to 100 hours per week, making great money, but don’t have any time to spend it, what is the purpose? What type of life is that?

4. You are finally going off on your entrepreneurial journey because your side hustle has taken off, and it’s time to say, “See ya later 9-to-5.” 

5. Your rich, significant other says, “Quit I got this.” 

6. You are bored. An executive at J.P. Morgan Chase said “once you have learned 80% of your position, it is time to move on to something else.” Never try to learn 100% of anything; learn enough and move on. 

7. You have a loved one at home who is sick, and you must take care of them full-time.

8. You are moving to another city, state, or out of country. Did someone say I am going on a world cruise? Hmmm…

9. You are being bullied at your company, and the HR department is not doing their job. So, you take matters into your own hands and leave.

10. The final and most obvious reason is you get your dream job at Disney. Screw everybody else.

Have you left a job for any one of these reasons? I have.

Do you need to use any one of these reasons to bring harmony in your life?

Share in the comments below…

Keep winning and creating harmony in your life.

Marla J. Albertie

Your Life Harmonizing Strategist