This year has been another great one. Sure, I have had some ups and downs, but my perspective on life has allowed me to remain happy and Keep It Moving, regardless of any obstacles.

Here are some lessons I have learned this year.

1. Traveling is rewarding and exhausting, but that will not stop me.

2. I love living more than I realized.

3. Nourish and cherish the relationships with your friends and family.

4. People come and go, let them go if they need to go. The ones who will stay will stay.

5. Peace is a high priority of mine. I will protect it at all costs.

6. Volunteering for a cause I am passionate about fuels me to work harder.

7. Solo cruising is addicting, everyone should do it at least once.

8. Others will hate the life you live. They don’t realize they can have the same life or do similar things, because they are so focused on what they don’t have. What they think is none of my business.

9. I don’t “wish” to do anything (say “wish I could do this or that”) , I create a plan and do it.

10. I don’t need to apologize for who I am. 

Bonus: Treat people right, but stand up for yourself. Either people will respect you more or dislike you for standing your ground.

Bonus #2: Celebrate small wins, they matter.

What are some lessons this year has taught you? Please share. You can use this free worksheet to help.